TotalVision Process HMI

TotalVision Process HMI

The TotalVision Process Human Machine Interface (HMI) displays real time continuous and batch process information from the D/3 DCS with an extensive and customizable library of Smart Graphical Objects.

An operator can control any process element, enter information, interact with sequence programs, or access SOPs, maintenance records, web pages and other media via these graphical objects in a vector-based visual representation of the process. TotalVision® HMI keeps all graphics current with automatic updates of all operator consoles through global library objects.

TotalVision Features

  • Client-server architecture with Process Data (Open Systems Foundation DCE-based Servers)
  • TotalWebVision Screens accessible via standard web browsers
  • Smart Graphical Objects allow specification of single data source for multiple field names (object oriented)
  • Vector-based graphics retain their original quality at any zoom level
  • User defined buttons display pop-up models, facilitate navigation, provide easy access to trends, logic diagrams, help screens, or HTML documents and simplify operator interactions
  • Troubleshoot devices from pop-up Master Device graphical logic diagrams saved as TotalVision graphics from the Master Device Builder
  • InstAlarm button creates a filtered view of alarms and displays all tags on the current graphic
  • VersaTrend button shows the history of the selected tag graphical object and dynamic behavior embedded as a single entity with input and output behavior
  • Inheritance: any graphic or “Model” can be included in another graphic. Included models inherit parent behavior
  • Control of object attributes including size, position, fill color, edge color, rotation, visibility, etc.
  • Ability to modify all standard objects in the supplied libraries or create variations of the original objects

Example Screens

TotalVision HMI screen designed using High-Performance HMI design principles to minimize visual clutter and operator confusion.

Design screens for any aspect ratio or monitor configuration.

Natural Gas distribution pipeline with geographical map.

Monitor utility connections and cogeneration substations.