Power Generation

The D/3 DCS and other NovaTech products control and automate a variety of Clean and Conventional Power Generation applications.

Power Plants and Cogeneration

The D/3® DCS provides controls for a number of on-site cogeneration facilities for our process industry customers, and a full sized coal-fired power plant located in Guatemala.

Diesel Generators

Bitronics® Instruments are used to provide power readings and synchronization functions for Caterpillar and Onan generators.

Biomass Gasification

The D/3 is used as the primary process control system for cogeneration facilities including a biomass gasification system at the University of South Carolina.  Gasification, Advanced Pyrolysis, anaerobic digestion and other technologies convert biomass and waste streams into syngas, biofuels, and electricity.

The potential of these and other emerging conversion technologies to simultaneously reduce waste is remarkable, but balancing the varying BTU content of feedstocks to meet power output requirements requires exacting process engineering and adaptive and reliable controls, at which the highly granular control architecture of the D/3 excels.

Gas Pipeline SCADA

The D/3 also provides SCADA functionality to Zebra Gasnetwerks, which distributes natural gas throughout parts of Belgium and the Netherlands.