Food & Beverage

As global population expands, so does the importance of efficient agricultural production and processing. NovaTech is proud to support several of the companies that feed the world’s population.

NovaTech has ongoing partnerships with Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) and Cargill – two of the largest food and agricultural products producers in the world.  As a strategic sourcing partner, we collaborate with these customers on the development of products, services, engineering resources, D/3® and FlexBatch® features, and improved programming, implementation, and optimization standards across their organizations.

NovaTech has similar relationships with companies like Mosaic, a cutting-edge fertilizer producer that uses the NovaTech D/3 and FlexBatch to implement ISA-88 batch management and controls.  Their production staff can graphically create, modify, and manage master recipes, procedures, production schedules, and equipment allocation with no programming at run time.