Facets Annual Field Service Support Agreements

Facets Annual Field Service Support Agreements

Facets Support Agreements are annual contracts designed to keep your operation running smoothly with a comprehensive suite of support services.

These include preventative and remedial maintenance, training class credits, software upgrade licenses, and online, on-site, and telephone support options. Facets provides maximum equipment availability, optimal returns on your process automation investment and peace of mind.

Four Service Levels

Facets is available in four levels of service, so you can choose the level that’s best for your enterprise: Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, or Sapphire. Each level provides various support services, response times, and access levels to NovaTech personnel. Optional services, including software upgrade licenses, parts replacement coverage, on-site parts logistics, unlimited hardware support labor, and additional flexible system support hours and training credits can be added to any level.

Facets Services At-A-Glance

Facets Service Diamond Emerald Ruby Sapphire
* Best effort to arrive on-site.
**If within 100-mile radius from field office.
Customer Central Call Center Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web Access Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spare/Replacement Parts
Parts Logistics (on-site spare parts inventory) Option Option Option Option
Parts Coverage (covered parts are replaced) Option Option Option Option
Response Times 7×24 7×24 5×8 5×8
Telephone 2hr 4hr 24hr As available
Parts 4hr 24hr 48hr As available
On-Site Service* 4hr 8hr 24hr As scheduled
Software Maintenance Releases Yes Yes Yes Yes
Software Upgrade Licenses for D/3 or FlexBatch Option Option Option Option
Extended Software Warranty Option Option Option Option
Minimum Number of Training Credits (Class Days) Included 25 15 10
Unlimited Hardware Support Labor Option Option Option Option
Flexible Support (Flex Hours) Regular Services
Preventive and Remedial Maintenance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Software Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hardware Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Graphics Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Top Tier Services Yes Yes Yes Yes
Applications Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Systems Engineering Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Network Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Strategic Assessment Yes Yes Yes Yes
Consulting Services Yes Yes Yes Yes
Resident Support Option Option Option Option
Minimum Hours Included 160 80 40 20
Additional Flex Hours Available Yes Yes Yes Yes
Travel and Living Expenses N/C** N/C** Cost+10% Cost+10%

Customer Central Call Center

Customer Central is a single contact point for product inquiries and post-shipment technical support. NovaTech personnel will redirect your inquiries to the people who can best resolve your issue. They also keep a record of every call and follow up to ensure that appropriate action is taken.

Web Access

Our password-protected Customer Web Site provides 24/7 access to information about new products, training course schedules, product technical alert notices, software patch lists, and a forum for users to share comments and tips. Registered users can log in to view their call status and see the number of Flex Hours remaining in their support agreements.

Flex Hours

To facilitate maintenance and upgrades, and to optimize operational flexibility, NovaTech Facets agreements include a customizable amount of labor hours that can be used for a wide range of services, including:

  • Software and hardware engineering
  • Preventative and remedial maintenance
  • Routine and emergency telephone support
  • Graphics generation
  • Parts installation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Software patch generation
  • Installation and programming
  • Design review
  • Reliability centered system life planning
  • Power and grounding surveys
  • Network analysis
  • Energy management optimization
  • Strategic automation planning
  • Specification development
  • Domain analysis reports


Flex Hours can be redeemed at any time and additional hours can be added to any Facets Agreement. Detailed explanations of these services may be found in Engineering Services and in the individual Facets Support Agreement.

Unlimited Hardware Support Labor

This Facets option gives customers unlimited support from NovaTech hardware engineers. All time spent on hardware preventive maintenance, telephone and on-site hardware troubleshooting, parts installation and parts system integration will not be charged against the allotment of Flex Hours.

Software Upgrade Licenses

Facets Customers who purchase the Upgrade License feature have the option of receiving software upgrade licenses for their NovaTech products, granting them every new feature and refinement for D/3® and FlexBatch® applications as they become available. The upgrade license feature is the most economical way to keep the NovaTech software current, and must be renewed annually.

Extended Software Warranty

The standard NovaTech software warranty can be optionally extended through the term of the Facets agreement, saving customers Flex Hours in the resolution of software issues.

Software Maintenance Releases

From time to time, NovaTech will make improvements to the current software version without a formal software version release. These changes are incorporated into maintenance releases. Facets customers may request maintenance releases, if available, to be sent on electronic media with instructions for installation. Installation can be performed by the customer or by NovaTech using Flex Hours.

Spare Parts

If the Parts Coverage option is purchased, Facets customers receive replacement parts for covered items at no additional charge for the duration of their agreements. Parts can usually be shipped within 24 hours and faster, depending on the Facets level. As another option, Facets customers can also elect to maintain an inventory of NovaTech-owned spare parts on their sites.

Training Credits

Training is an essential precursor to productivity. Facets agreements include varying amounts of training. Facets customers can add to their contracted allotment of training and development classes from Educational Services.

Top Tier Services

NovaTech’s top industry and technical experts are available for specialized consulting on a pre-arranged basis to provide:

  • Applications Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • Network Analysis and Troubleshooting
  • Strategic Assessment
  • Consulting

Resident Support

Diamond Facets Customers have the option of using Flex Hours to provide a full-time NovaTech Field Employee at their facilities for software and hardware support. When a Field Employee is away or at training, service will be provided from the closest NovaTech location.