Conductor EAMS

Conductor EAMS

Energy has quickly become the largest controllable cost in a process enterprise. Companies that implement energy management strategies can turn this growing challenge into an opportunity for competitive advantage.

NovaTech Conductor Energy Asset Management Solutions (EAMS) is a combination of NovaTech hardware, software, survey and integration services that allow an enterprise to make more informed decisions and improve energy efficiency.  By integrating energy and utility costs, equipment efficiencies, asset and emissions data into a common, real-time and verifiable data set, Conductor allows plant managers and operators to manage their process to maximize energy savings and minimize environmental impact.  Advanced Process Control from AspenTech provides additional benefit by moving plant operations closer to ideal set points without compromising safety or quality.

Conductor™ provides the greatest benefits to process components with high or variable energy demands such as boilers, chillers, distillation, and central power production. Conductor also benefits processes with high raw material costs, tight security or quality requirements, control requirements beyond PID loops, or that are influenced by other processes within the plant.

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