Brewing Automation

If you’re drinking an American beer, there’s a one-in-three chance that it was produced using a D/3 DCS.  

You’re welcome.

NovaTech has been helping MillerCoors breweries produce fresh, high quality beer for decades. NovaTech provides highly integrated brewing automation solutions from brewhouse and cold service applications to fermentation, bottling and utility requirements. Our solutions emphasize maximum use of installed equipment, open migration paths, low life cycle support costs, and fast, intuitive deployment tools.

Other NovaTech products are in use at craft breweries like New Belgium Brewing in Ft Collins Colorado.  New Belgium’s sustainability-focused facility is 100% powered by renewable energy through wind offsets, energy efficiency and on-site generation including solar panels and biogas capture from their waste water.  New Belgium uses Bitronics 70Series IEDs to monitor all its primary generation and consumption points to provide a baseline metric for continued improvement.