The continuously evolving biofuels industry reduces dependence on fossil fuels with various forms of renewable biomass.


NovaTech is proud to be a part of this transition through our partnerships with several of the largest biofuels producers, and the training of the next generation of biofuels plant operators.

Facilities controlled by D/3® include those that supply approximately 35% of the ethanol production in the United States, as well as several soybean-based biodiesel facilities in Europe.

NovaTech Ethanol Training Simulator (NETS)

The expansion of the Ethanol and Biofuels industry is a welcome trend in energy diversity, and brings with it an equally strong demand for qualified plant operators, technicians and management personnel. The NovaTech Ethanol Training Simulator (NETS) is a state-of-the-art process simulation of a working ethanol plant intended to help Ethanol producers and academic institutions familiarize operators with the real-time dynamics and process fundamentals of dry mill ethanol plant processes in a classroom environment.

NETS is built on the D/3® Distributed Control System (DCS), the process automation system used to control the largest ethanol plants in the United States and multiple Biodiesel facilities worldwide. NETS includes an award-winning Ethanol Operations curriculum created by Minnesota West Community & Technical College in partnership with the industry’s leading experts on distillation, fermentation, and other aspects of ethanol production. NETS will provide plant management, engineers, operators and students with a powerful and cost effective tool for optimizing production performance. Bring operator preparedness and technical depth to the next level with NETS.

“NETS is the most valuable tool we have for training. I’ve never seen anything that comes close in six years of looking.”
– Duane Carrow, Director of Renewable Energy Program at MinnWest Community and Technical College

Click here to learn more about the installed ethanol plant simulator Minnesota West which allows students to essentially run a virtual ethanol plant from the classroom.

For more information on our NovaTech Ethanol Training Simulator, please click here.