It’s About Control.

NovaTech incorporates open standards, Best-in-class hardware and software, non-proprietary networks, and a higher percentage of existing infrastructure into robust and adaptable solutions.  As a medium-sized company focused purely on automation, we believe that success in the process industries isn’t about size, it’s about experience.  It’s about integrity.  It’s About Control.

A Trusted Partner and Proven Solutions Provider

Implementing a global process manufacturing strategy requires close collaboration with trusted partners who are forward-thinking in their approach to product development and to solving customer problems. NovaTech Process Solutions provides the experience and accountability that our clients in the Power Generation, Food and Beverage, Brewing, Pharmaceutical, Specialty Chemical, Metals, and other essential process industries rely on. The D/3® DCS, its layered software applications, and our engineering services increase throughput, reduce off-spec production and lower energy costs.  Unique among DCS vendors, we provide a guaranteed migration path and the highest levels of control over application design.  In addition, we empower our clients’ in-house personnel with a comprehensive array of training and certification services for NovaTech and Microsoft products.

Global support

With hundreds of systems installed in over 50 countries and engineering and support offices throughout the US, Europe, and Asia, NovaTech has the depth, breadth, and skill set to provide customers around the world with 24/7/365 support.