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TotalVision HMI

The TotalVision® Process Human Machine Interface (HMI) displays real time continuous and batch process information from the D/3 DCS with an extensive and customizable library of High Performance Smart Graphical Objects. An operator can control any process element, enter information, interact with sequence programs, or access SOPs, maintenance records, web pages and other media via these graphical objects in a vector-based visual representation of the process. TotalVision HMI keeps all graphics current with automatic updates of all operator consoles through global library objects.


  • Client-server architecture with Process Data (Open Systems Foundation DCE-based Servers)
  • Accessible via standard web browsers
  • Smart Graphical Objects allow specification of single data source for multiple field names (object oriented)
  • Vector-based graphics retain their original quality at any zoom level
  • User defined buttons display pop-up models, facilitate navigation, provide easy access to trends, logic diagrams, help screens, or HTML documents and simplify operator interactions
  • Troubleshoot devices from pop-up Master Device graphical logic diagrams saved as TotalVision graphics from the Master Device Builder
  • InstAlarm button creates a filtered view of alarms and displays all tags on the current graphic
  • VersaTrend button shows the history of the selected tag graphical object and dynamic behavior embedded as a single entity with input and output behavior
  • Inheritance: any graphic or “Model” can be included in another graphic. Included models inherit parent behavior
  • Control of object attributes including size, position, fill color, edge color, rotation, visibility, etc.
  • Ability to modify all standard objects in the supplied libraries or create variations of the original objects

ProcessVision Console

ProcessVision allows users to easily and securely monitor, analyze, and adjust production processes running on the D/3® Distributed Control System.  ProcessVision provides operators, engineering staff, and plant managers with intuitive navigation and diagnostic tools to ensure efficient and cost-effective management of plant operations. Operators can get up to speed quickly with a library of video tutorials and improved search and auto-complete functions. Its browser-like navigation includes tabs, favorites, sessions, and automatic print scheduling capability. ProcessVision automatically creates diagnostic displays such as Single Loop, Loop Maintenance, Recipe, Product/Batch Monitoring, and System Status displays. The System Status display effortlessly drills down from the entire D/3 System to individual I/O channels, allowing users to quickly determine the real-time status of each I/O module, channels within a module, input values of each channel, what tags are assigned to a channel, and which channels are unused. Engineering staff can take advantage of global synchronization of tag modifications, better diagnostics for event analysis and recovery, and enjoy no-hassle, easy to configure displays. Plant Managers will appreciate the enhanced cyber security, reduced off-spec product, easier knowledge transfer between senior and junior operators, higher equipment utilization, the ability to run ProcessVision in parallel with previous consoles, and the responsive 24/7 support of NovaTech personnel.

Example Graphics and Displays


Easily create high performance graphics that conform to the new ASM Consortium Guidelines using D/3 SGO libraries

Graphic with Annunciator

Keep operators informed and expand their area of responsibility using smart graphic headers and built in annunciators

Design screens for any aspect ratio or monitor configuration.

Pipeline Graphic

 Incorporate bitmap images to present information effectively.


Frame sets

Quickly visualize plant operations at any operator console with Frame Sets

ProcessVision System Status

Solve problems and improve plant performance with built in diagnostic displays


Access D/3 data anywhere using the D3Express™ mobile application



    D/3® SABL® [#M456]

    A five-day course, using D/3® software, covering the steps involved in developing and using the SABL® package. Students will develop the Sequence Database and SABL® programs necessary to manipulate and interact with the continuous database and operator console.

    October 17, 2016 – October 21, 2016
    Owings Mills Training Office

    D/3® SABL® [#S456]

    A five-day course, using D/3® software, covering the steps involved in developing and using the SABL® package.

    December 12, 2016 – December 16, 2016
    Aiken Training Office

    D/3® SABL® [#S456]

    A five-day course, using D/3® software, covering the steps involved in developing and using the SABL® package.

    February 20, 2017 – February 24, 2017
    Aiken Training Office

  • D3v15 Webinar

    The latest release of the D/3 Distributed Control System includes new configuration tools that make the system easier for new and existing users. The webinar covers building tags with MDL Builder, writing automation code with D3Edit, web-accessible History and Reports, features to facilitate migration to High-Performance HMI, and OSIsoft PI integration.

    March 24, 2016

  • D/3 Process Control System Overview

    This video introduces the D/3, the distributed control system trusted by many Fortune 100 companies to keep their global operations’ continuous and batch processes running smoothly and efficiently. Part one reviews the system architecture and configuration tools.

    November 21, 2014

  • ProcessVision™ Features Profile

    A brief overview of NovaTech’s D/3 DCS ProcessVision console, outlining the new features designed to deliver a modern yet familiar user experience that will delight new users and seasoned D/3 veterans alike.

    February 8, 2013

  • D/3 Express Mobile Client Introduction

    An introduction to the D3Express™ mobile application, providing read-only access from anywhere via your smartphone or tablet (with no additional licensing).

    February 5, 2013

  • ProcessVision Console Webinar

    This webinar covers ProcessVision, the state-of-the-art console that enhances the ability to easily and securely monitor, analyze, and adjust production processes running on the D/3® Distributed Control System.

    May 11, 2012

  • ProcessVision™ Console Overview

    The ProcessVision Console is the new interface to the NovaTech D/3 Distributed Control System (DCS) that provides a wealth of system data and intuitive Windows navigation, right out of the box.

    April 19, 2012

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