Bitronics Power Measurement Family Overview

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Precision Crafted Quality Backed by a Hassle-Free Ten Year Guarantee

Bitronics Power Measurement and Event Recording products set the gold standard for reliability and accuracy in electric utility substations. 50 and 60 Series SCADA meters and transducers vastly simplify and reduce configuration and wiring costs in traditional Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) applications. The one-cycle RMS updates of the new PowerPlex II are ideal for synchronization and other automation applications. 70 Series Event Recorders were the first IEC 61850-compliant analytical and control Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) suitable for the advanced, high-speed measurement demands of today’s dynamic, distributed and efficient power grids. The MultiComm®, PowerPlex®, and other legacy meters set the standard for Utility-Grade Mulitfunction Metering for decades.  All currently manufactured Bitronics products are backed by an unconditional, retroactive and hassle-free 10-year guarantee.


SCADA Meters

With universal wiring, split-core Current Transformers (CTs), and front panel or web-based configuration, Bitronics 50 and 60 Series SCADA Meters simplify ordering, configuration, integration, commissioning, and spares. All display models share a capacitive-touch front interface, bright 3-line/5-digit displays, flexible connection (Ethernet, RS-232 and RS-485 – 50 Series) and protocol (Modbus and DNP3 over TCP/IP; IEC 61850 for 60 Series) options.

Simplified Configuration

  • Connect easily through a universal wiring configuration – switchable from Delta and WYE – that simplifies ordering and inventory processes. Optional individually calibrated nickel split-core CTs (for 50 Series) deliver superior long-term accuracy and faster installation.
  • Configure basic settings – IP address, CT/PT ratios, comms addresses, etc – through the capacitive touch buttons on the faceplate.
  • Customize advanced settings and special display screens by using any standard web browser. See a live example here.

Models : M653 Triple Display / M650 & M660 Mulifunction Meters / M350 Amp and Volt Meters


SCADA and Automation Transducers

Bitronics SCADA and Automation Transducers provide reliable performance in SCADA, standby generation and other hi-speed synchronization applications. All models allow primary and advanced settings configuration using a standard web browser through the Ethernet service port. Pre-set register/point sets coupled with the universal power supply and universal wiring make it easy to go from the box to up and running in no time.The PowerPlex II is an automation transducer with two sets of three-phase voltages and 1-cycle measurement update speeds. The external, split core CTs (not available on PowerPlex II) option streamlines upgrade and retrofit applications as the CT circuit does not need to be interrupted.

Models : M651 & M661 Mulifunction SCADA Transducers / PowerPlex II Automation Transducer



Distributed Event Recorders

Bitronics 70 Series Event Recorders, Automation and Control IEDs are deployed in critical power measurement, automation, recording and analysis roles in electric utility substations worldwide. The Bitronics 70 Series were the first IEC 61850-Compliant Measurement IEDs, and meet all three PRC-002 Compliant Event Recording requirements (SOE Equipment, Fault Recording, and Dynamic Disturbance Recording), in a single unit.   With 4ms RMS measurements and high-resolution event capture, they can be used to analyze network faults, verify protective relay and other substation equipment performance, test the dynamic response of the network, and store long-term trends. They can also be used to automate a substation – including supervisory control, distance to fault, sequence of events, oscillography recording, and other advanced measurements – while preserving existing investments in electromechanical relays.

Common Features

  • Real-time SCADA data to multiple masters using different protocols simultaneously, including IEC 61850.
  • Detached Displays to present data locally on mimic panels and other substation equipment.
  • High-speed Measurements and Communications suitable for synch-check and auto-synch applications for generators and bus ties.
  • Highly Configurable, Time-Synchronized Recorders with advanced triggers settings (including cross-triggering via GOOSE messaging).

Models : M871 & M872 Distributed Event Recorders


Legacy Meters and Transducers

The MultiComm, PowerPlex, TriPlex, and other legacy Bitronics meters and transducers redefined the measurement precision, display performance and communication capabilities of electric utility substation power measurement. From the Tennesse Valley Authority to the Three Gorges Dam, these meters made the Bitronics brand famous for quality and performance around the world.

Models : MultiComm Digital Power Meter / PowerPlex Digital Transducer / Triplex Three Phase Amp and Voltmeters

  • New Belgium Strives for Sustainability w/ Bitronics

    New Belgium Brewing in Ft Collins Colorado strives to reduce their environmental footprint in a number of ways, including using Bitronics Automation and Control Power Measurement units from NovaTech to monitor and benchmark energy consumption and production points within their facility.

    February 10, 2016

  • Bitronics: A Century of Innovation

    Bitronics Measurement and Event Recording products have been used throughout the US electric utilities and internationally in traditional and cutting-edge “Smart Grid” applications. The products have been made in Bethlehem, PA, USA since 1908 and continue to be the gold standard for reliability and innovation in the electric utility substation measurement market.

    February 10, 2016

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