DistribuTECH 2013

By NovaTech Published: Jan 24, 2013 Tags: 50 Series , OrionLX

Come visit us in Booth 1521 and see the latest automation products that we have to offer, including:

The OrionLX with IEC 61850
Get the first look at the OrionLX exchanging data with IEC 61850 IEDs. With Orion, IED “CID” files become OrionLX “IED pick lists”, and points are simply dragged and dropped from a new expanding tree structure listing all available IED points. Selected 61850 IED points can be presented to any supported Slave protocol such as IEC 60870-5-101 or DNP3. GOOSE subscription and publication are also supported.

“PLC-Style” IEC 61131-3 Math and Logic
Attend a demonstration of “PLC Ladder Logic” in the OrionLX, or any of the other four logic editors in OrionLX IEC 61131-3; Structured Text, Instruction List, Function Block Diagram and Sequential Function Chart. Key OrionLX features include full integration of IEC 61131-3 configuration with all other configuration in NCD, simplified techniques for point selection, and secure sign-on to view real-time, online logic execution.

878 DIOD

878 DIOD

The New Bitronics 878 DIOD
The DIOD is a Distributed I/O Device designed to complement Orion DDIO and Orion DCIO in applications requiring either IEC 61850 or higher density I/O. Up to 56 I/O points in one compact location (3RU) with any combination of discrete in, discrete out or analog is supported. See article inside for more detail.

Bitronics Solutions for PRC-002 Recording
Bitronics 70 Series products provide a complete PRC-002 solution for all three parts of the standard:
• Dynamic Disturbance Recording
• 4ms SOE Recording
• Fault Recording
A split core option reduces installation time in retrofits.

Bitronics 50 Series SCADA Panel Metering Solutions
See the complete line of Bitronics metering solutions, including the M650 single-display, the M653 triple-display, the M651 display-less transducer version, and the M350 ammeters and voltmeters. All 50 Series meters provide “Simple Mode” setup through front panel plus advanced web-based configuration tools, outstanding 3-line, 5-digit display with automatic indication of engineering units, and very high accuracy in a rugged utility-grade package.

Direct Video

OrionLX Direct Video

OrionLX Direct Video VGA Monitor Support
See how the substation HMI PC can be eliminated – along with the associated NERC CIP concerns – with OrionLX Direct Video option, comprised of a new Multimedia Board with VGA port, audio port, USB ports and a third Ethernet port (with separate NIC). The pages viewable as “Direct Video” are actually the same OrionLX pages that can alternatively be viewed as webpages, including the OrionLX online configuration and diagnostic pages, alarm pages, trending pages, Sequence of Events pages and custom user-designed pages.

NovaTech Packaged SCADA RTU Assemblies
Check out a complete free-standing OrionLX RTU assembly, including functional HMI, DDIO, DCIO and IEDs. Learn about NovaTech’s capabilities to engineer, package, install and commission RTU assemblies.