Technology Partners

  • AspenTech

    AspenTech provides powerful Advanced Process Control software that models, simulates, and predicts the effects of process manipulations to smooth process changes, reducing asset wear and energy consumption.

  • Cochran Marine

    Cochran Marine manufactures a globally deployable ship-to-shore substation that allows ships to connect to local power instead of operating their diesel generators when in port.  The design utilizes OrionLX and Bitronics equipment.

  • Control Station

    Control Station produces patent-pending PID modeling and tuning software that provides Loop Optimization for the D/3® Distributed Control System.

  • GE Intelligent Platforms

    GE Intelligent Platforms designs form the basis for 8000 Series I/O modules and interface panels.

  • Microsoft

    NovaTech is a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner, granting us development tools, assistance, problem resolution, and a first look at all the latest releases.

  • OSIsoft PI System

    The OSIsoft PI System is an enterprise historian and real-time infrastructure platform that integrates with the D/3 DCS to deliver process information to the enterprise.

  • PAS

    PAS improves human reliability in power and process plants worldwide to enhance plant safety, compliance and profitability. Solutions include Alarm Management, Automation Genome Mapping, Automation System Management of Change, Control Loop Performance Optimization, and High-Performance Human-Machine Interfaces. PAS also provides solutions for NERC CIP Inventory, Configuration Management, Change Control, Workflow and Reporting.

  • SL GMS

    The SL GMS engine allows the TotalVision® Process HMI to provide real-time graphic interface to high performance process control applications.

  • Softstuf Inc.

    Softstuf specializes in the design of advanced analysis systems for measuring performance of large electrical power systems during fault and disturbance conditions. Softstuf is the developer of Wavewin® Bitronics software.

  • SUSI Adapters

    SUSI Adapters makes panel adapters for all kinds of panel electric meters, allowing for easy retrofit of legacy panel meters to the latest Bitronics SCADA Meters.

  • Tripwire Software

    Tripwire software delivers risk visibility, business context and security business intelligence. Their solutions protect sensitive data and assets from breaches, vulnerabilities, and threats. Tripwire software is part of our NERC CIP Password, Configuration and Remote Access Management Solution.