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Who We Are

NovaTech designs and manufactures best-in-class automation products and services that make electric utilities and process industries more reliable, efficient, and secure.  We  provide engineers with tools that simplify the complex and extend their capabilities while minimizing risk, catalyzing the evolution of more sustainable energy and process manufacturing infrastructure while providing our customers with competitive advantage.

As a result of our thirty years of effort, many of the goods and services that we all depend on – from the power in our outlets to the fuel in our vehicles, the medicines in our cabinets and the food on our tables – have been provided with higher reliability, at lower cost and with decreased environmental impact. As global population expands and energy and materials demands increase, the technologies and services we develop and deploy will only expand in scope and importance.  NovaTech’s products and people help make power grids more accepting of innovative and renewable energy sources, and process plants more efficient in their use of the raw materials.  Beyond providing our customers with the tools to succeed, there is a larger guiding principle to our organization: We contribute to the engineering of a more sustainable world.

Bitronics Measurement and Recording Products


In applications ranging from traditional SCADA monitoring to distributed event recording and advanced, high-speed control, Bitronics Measurement Products have set the gold standard for quality and dependability in the electric utility substation for decades. Over 100,000 Bitronics meters and IEDs are installed worldwide. The 70 Series family of Intelligent Electronic Devices is the first IEC 61850 compliant measurement server, and is heralded as an ideal measurement and control node for integrating distributed intermittent renewables like wind.

D/3 Distributed Control System


Open, configurable, and highly reliable, the D/3 Distributed Control System (DCS) provides continuous and batch process automation worldwide. The D/3 DCS combines state-of-the-art features like Online Upgrades with a guaranteed migration path unmatched by any other process automation supplier. D/3-controlled facilities produce: 30% of U.S. Ethanol, 30% of U.S. Beer, 60% of U.S. Polyethylene Terepthalate, 60% of U.S. High Fructose, Corn Syrup, 60% of U.S. Lactic Acid, 80% of Global Polylactic Acid Polymer, 5% of U.S. Biodiesel

Orion Automation Platform


Orion is the leading Substation Automation Platform in the U.S. Electric Utility industry, acting as a Smart RTU, Distribution Automation Controller, Protective Relay Communication Processor, Substation HMI, Logic Controller, Alarm Annunciator, Sequence of Events Recorder, and Secure Substation Gateway. Its balance of versatility and ease of use have made it the choice of 100 new utility customers in the past five years.  In process industries, the Orion Automation Platform is an ideal tool for integrating islands of automation.