A Tradition of Continuous Innovation

All NovaTech Products and Solutions are designed to provide the highest levels of performance and flexibility over the long term. Our flagship product lines embody these values.


Process Control

D3 Timeline2-01-01NovaTech Process Solutions leverages the highly configurable and continuously upgradeable D/3 Distributed Control System (DCS) to automate and optimize batch and continuous process facilities worldwide.  The D/3 debuted in 1981, winning the prestigious Vaaler Award for its fusion of sequential and batch automation into the first hybrid plant-wide DCS control system.  Its highly configurable Sequence and Batch Language (SABL) for application development remains a strategic advantage for multiple Fortune 100 process manufacturers.  Trusted to perform in the most demanding and critical applications, D/3 is the only process control system on the market that has maintained a continuous application migration path for all its customers.  Watch a Video About the First 25 Years of the D/3.

Substation Automation

Orion Timeline-01 The Orion Substation Automation Platform was developed by engineers in the Lenexa, KS, office of NovaTech, leveraging their decades of experience in integrating and automating utility substations and natural gas pipelines. The lessons learned over hundreds of such projects – and frustrations with the cumbersome integration solutions then available – led to the design of a convergent communications and automation platform that could perform the functions of multiple devices ‑ Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), Chart Recorders, Cyber Secure Communications Gateways, Distribution Automation Controllers, Protective Relay Communications Processors and more ‑ into a single, easily-configured box. Today the OrionLX is the leading flexible substation automation platform in the U.S. market, with over a new hundred U.S. utility clients in the past four years.


Power Measurement

Bitronics Timeline-01 Bitronics began in 1908 as the Bethlehem, PA, instrumentation group of Roller-Smith, which supplied government, telecoms and mining operations with highly-reliable precision measurement devices.  Manufacturing involved precision techniques carried out by skilled craftspersons, a tradition which continues today despite the continuous evolution of the core technologies.  In the 1980s, Bitronics designed and manufactured the first all-electronic digital power meters rugged enough for continuous use in the electric utility substation. Acceptance of the new digital instruments was accelerated by the performance and quality of Bitronics products. By the early 1990s, Bitronics instruments were in use in 40% of U.S. utility substations, specified 4-to-1 over the nearest competitor. Today’s Bitronics SCADA meters, automation transducers and distributed event recorders continue to set the standard for ease of use and unparalleled reliability.